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Bio-mechanical Analysis

Active Sport Physiotherapy Clinic is proud to offer a bio-mechanical lab to our clients. This is ideal for analysis of running, golfing and swimming. There are only a few Labs like it in the province and we are thrilled about this project! A Bio-mechanical Lab permits the Physiotherapist to analyze, through video and the appropriate software, a high velocity sport or action and break down the sequence of action to identify the cause for injury or aches. It also permits the coach to identify technique error to improve performance. Our software permits us to handle multi-angle high speed cameras (and at times underwater) to allow us to:

• Identify a bio-mechanical fault leading to injury
• Perform side by side screen comparison of your progress in the season
• Perform side by side screen comparison of your technique with a professional in your sport
• Your running gait barefoot running Vs. shoe running
• And more…

This portable equipment permits data collection at the golf course, at the pool, and on or in the water. Video also could (should!) be used with your coach to improve your performance! Call the clinic for information.

Running Analysis

Although walking is the base of running, it differs in the length of stride, the absence of ground contact, the increase ground contact force and the cadence of the stride.... 

Whether you are a heel striker, mid-foot striker or a forefoot striker you will go forward: but at what cost!!  The muscle dynamics and firing sequence for all of these running styles are quite different.  Moreover, mid-foot strikers have shown to increase oxygen consumption up to 50%...

Injured runners are welcome to have their running gait assessed on treadmill and firm ground to have a biomechanical breakdown of their running technique. 

Golf Analysis 


Swimming Analysis

Active Sport Physiotherapy Clinic on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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