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Athletic Injury Clinics

This service is oriented toward local athletes, trainers, coaches and physiotherapy students.  It is usually a 1-3 hr seminar and it is designed to inform and to create a relationship between the therapist and the coach/trainer/parent to facilitate the injury management and establish an open channel of communication to answer any questions he/she might have.  

In the past we have offered the following seminars for coaches:

  • Baseball and Football Coaches:  Throwing Injuries and Prevention
  • Sport Injuries
  • Basic Trauma Sport Injury Management
  • Pre-season Preparation: a useful tool for injury prevention
  • Biomecanical analysis of Sport Injuries

...and for the Athletes:

  • Running Injuries:  what is your Style of Running?
  • Dry Land Training for Swimmers:  avoid the Swimmer's Shoulder
  • Off-season Throwing Program for Baseball Player













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