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 offers orthopaedic rehabilitation services for everyone – not just athletes.

Although our forte is a sport oriented approach, we use the same energy and knowledge base to benefit the active person or worker.  We pride ourselves in ensuring that our Team maintains top rehabilitation skills through on-going post graduate training and we create our patient treatment plans according to the latest scientific and rehabilitation research.

The Clinic’s special interest in sports permits us to tailor sport-specific rehabilitation to the injured athlete. In choosing this particular approach, we wish to offer not only the most appropriate treatment for the injury, but also to reintegrate the athlete in his or her training schedule as well as maintaining his or her aerobic or anaerobic capacity, flexibility, strength and sport-specific skill through proper cross-training.

In the ACTIVE SPORT PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC, the athlete biomechanical analysis is often key in determining the actual cause of his or her injuries. For this, digital video imagery can be used to break down misalignment, poor technique, inadequate postures or identifying contributing factors that lead to the injury. A painful golf swing, running gait, baseball throw or tennis serve can all be properly assessed. We do NOT replace coaching instructions. We aim to identify the aggravating factor(s) in order to promote a faster recovery. To improve sporting skills, we value greatly the need for coaching follow-up.

We encourage coaches, fitness and sport instructors to contact us: injury prevention is preferred to injury management. In the past, we have held off-season conditioning and pre-season training programs for competitive teams, athletic taping clinics, injury management clinics for coaches (training errors leading to injury), Basic Trauma Injury Management courses and others…

We aim to be an integral part of the Cornwall and surrounding area’s sport community.

Don’t be a Victim - Take your health seriously; it’s your investment for your future. Proper body hygiene may start with white teeth in the morning, but needs to carry-on with an ACTIVE Exercise Program, a Healthy Lifestyle and EARLY Injury Management.

You have our fullest attention as you walk in the clinic and you will discover a wealth of information for your personal use. Finding out about your injury is a sure step in proper injury management. We will answer all your questions.

Come and meet our Team.  Everyone is welcome to be treated at the clinic with or without a physician’s referral.

Our Physiotherapists are all registered with the Ontario College of Physiotherapists and we partner with the following agencies:

  • Insurance companies – for motor vehicle accident injuries
  • WSIB – Work-related injuries
  • Group Health Plans
  • Billing: Direct billing to your group health plan is possible if permitted by your insurer
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