613-936-0676 314 A 9th Street, Cornwall, Ontario K6J 3A7

France Allard

Occupational Therapist

France graduated from McGill University in Montreal 1988 and received her American Board Certification in 1990. She gained experience in various clinical settings over the years while working at Constance Lethbribge Rehabilitation Program in Montreal, the Adult Rehabilitation Program in North Miami and at the Ottawa Children Treatment Centre in Cornwall. 

France has been working as an independent contractor for over 20 years in Cornwall and the surrounding area. She provides assessment of functional capacities and cognitive and physical abilities for a wide variety of conditions (Neurological, Orthopedics). She assesses daily living activities including self-care and kitchen/home safety. She is also proficient in assessing the client’s attendant care needs. She is experienced to provide rehabilitation to maximize functional independence and safety of daily living activities.

 France has gained experience with the Wound Care Program including wound care and pressure sore prevention through education and positioning (pressure relief surfaces).

She is an Assistive Device Authorizer for mobility devices (walkers, manual wheelchair and power mobility). She has great expertise in this field performing Health Canada Claim Assessor duties with prescribed mobility devices for the Non-Insured Health Benefits throughout Canada. 



•           1994 (  5 days) NDT treatment by Regi Boehme, Milwaukee

•           1996 Erhardt Motor and Vision Assessment, Rhoda Erhardt, Montreal , Quebec

•           2001 ( 2 days) “Integrating NDT and SI” by Erna Blanche, Toronto, Ontario

•           2005 ( 3 days)  NDT Problem Solving Workshop by Alison Steel, Ottawa, Ontario

•           2005 ( 5 days) NDT Handling and creating roadmap to functional skills by Lezlie Adler, Ottawa, Ontario

•           2012( 2 days) Integrating Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Sensory Processing by Kim Barthel

•           2013 Goal attainment scales Theresa May-Benson.

•           2013 Sunrise seating and mobility conference, Ottawa


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