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Sport Medicine Clinics:
Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic    
University of Ottawa Sport Medicine Clinic
Condition related sites:
Best of the ACLs (Carleton Sport Medicine Clinic) A site with several interesting articles and videos.
Edheads - Activate your mind An informative site for patient undergoing total/partial knee and hip surgery.  A site where the patient become the virtual surgeon in a step by step surgery.
The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain Intrasmuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a very effective tool for the diagnosis and treatment of myofascial pain syndromes

Interesting links:

Ontario Hockey Academy A perfect marriage of academic and hockey performance.
Turbocrank An ingenious and readily available Indoor Cycling Workout software.
Major Games sites:
Canadian Olympic Committee
Canadian Paralympic Association
Pan American Games Toronto 2015             
Commonwealth Games
World University Games - Universiades
Youth Olympics Games
Francophone Games
Athletes to keep our eyes on:
Derrick St.John and Natasha Elliot A couple of Professional Cyclo Cross Racers with a lot of heart delivering their passion on the WEB.
Tony Luis Find the site of a local Professional Boxer showing his stats and aspirations.
Professional Links:
Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Sport Physiotherapy Canada

Canadian Academy Sport Medicine







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